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Valhalla Movement (Canada)

Group with land in Canada. Have raised money through kickstarter.

Cyber Hippie Totalism (Canary Islands)

Discussion with David Potocnik:

In Lanzarote, Canary Islands, there is a peaceful place where your attention is not constantly distracted by images. This place is a social experiment, inspired by the hippie community and their values, which also incorporate the philosophy of hacking and address the question of the possibility of coexistence between man and technology.

This place, or more accurately, this hackerspace, is the first experiment listed on the Cyberhippietotalism platform. The hackerspace is actually a house that can accommodate a community of nomadic hackers wishing to spend the winter in the sun. “We must try to live permanently as hackers and rethink our lifestyle and our infrastructure,” said founder David Potocnik. Eventually, David hopes to create a network of similar hackerspaces.

Factor e Farm (USA)

Sailing the Farm (Norway)

Interested in self-sufficiency? Want to help build a community? Love the sea? Our collective, on an organic farm a few hours north of Oslo, is for anyone who wants to learn and work hard. We grow food, boats and ideas, so if you have a knowledge or interest in permaculture, farming, boat building, or sailing, come and help us create a home that is sustainable both on land AND out at sea!

<Peter> These guys seem like the real deal. Farming and dumpster food and WWOOFing.

Wicoti Mitawa (Ohio, USA)

Creating the dream of a Self Reliant - Eco Friendly - Egalitarian - Consensus Community, intertwined with a beautiful natural Ohio setting.

We are a small group of individuals who share a common dream of living in a cooperative, self reliant, violence free, all natural and responsible environment. We pledge to collectively pool our efforts, income, homes, land and lives to provide an equal, comfortable and healthy lifestyle for all. Although we have only organized this past July, 2013, we are well into Phase 1, with full land ownership and multiple physical projects in progress. We are actively seeking interested parties to participate in our vision….our community….our village….Wicoti Mitawa

One Community (USA. location secret)

Androo (Sheffield, UK)

(01:36:40 AM) phm: Androo near Sheffield, UK is planning an off-grid solar project!! “1.6 Ha field at planning stage. Hopefully spring of 2014 we shall be on and building infrastructure…Compost toilets, 20 panel solar array, 500m2 polytunnel with rainwater harvesting, bio mass heating, wood gasification, wooden building with green roof. Planting 200+ fruit trees, raised beds”

Sustainable Man

'There are other ways of doing things..'

Reddit Island

<Peter> The problem here is that they don't seem to have a core group of friends that are 100% commited to the project. Just a lot of different people coming along and saying 'ooh, that would be nice'.

The Venus Project

<Peter> Big ideas, but are they actually making it a reality? Their focus is making a movie, do they really need to do this? IMHO Enough people get it to start building something, then they can make movies later.


<Peter> Still planning. I think these guys are from sudoroom hackspace?



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