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Sacred Economics

Bill Hicks

<Peter> I guess some people might falsely assume that we intend to be like some hedonistic hippie commune where everyone only cares about getting 'high'.


The surprising truth about what motivates us



<Peter> Obviously our project is very different from the solutions that 'Anonymous' is associated with. But I love this video.


4 minute inspirational video.

<Spencer> On the other hand, I do not like calling that kind of person a warrior. The function of a warrior is to fight in war. This isn't war; this is life. The two share similarities, but the former is subsumed in the latter. Some of the art of war can be translated to the art of life; call that part strategy. The rest depends on special cases which may or may not apply. In war you have at least one ally – yourself – and at least one enemy. In life you may have none of either, or there may be agents who transcend the distinction. (“Am I on my side?” “Mu!”)

The kind of person who sees only challenges, no luck nor limits; the kind of person who entertains no incongruity between intention and action; the kind of person who is focused on one purpose to the exclusion of all others, and unstoppable in the pursuit of that purpose; I've been calling that kind of person, just in my own mind, for the last few years, “ultroneous”.

If you are ultroneous then you will become a warrior if a warrior is what's called for. If something else is called for, you'll become that. As soon as circumstances change you'll change with them. Whatever it takes, that's what you'll do.

I'm not quite there, yet. But I'm getting closer.


TED Talks


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