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Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,
Which mannerly devotion shows in this;
For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch,
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.


So hard to describe the possibilites. My dreams are so much more than just a cool live-in hackspace.

It's for anyone that has thought 'Argh, the world is stupid. Why can't we get away from all these idiotic ways of living, and do something cool? We're smart, we're creative, we're passionate. Let's get together and build something amazing. Why must we be enslaved by money and these silly, unfair hierarchies? Why can't we put all our effort into things we care about? Why can't we live in a community of people on the same wavelength, and work together doing awesome things? Why can't we live in a place where we have true democracy, and real power to shape our environment?'

escape the staus quo.

IRC fun

(07:14:57 PM) phm: i get coffee. bbiab. skype later? (07:16:06 PM) Spencer: I'll probably be busy. Earlier is better. Tomorrow, maybe? (07:36:36 PM) phm: skype now? (07:36:40 PM) phm: now now now (07:36:58 PM) phm: i just slept + ate cake + drank coffee + smoked rollup (07:37:01 PM) phm: so i am high (07:37:21 PM) phm: thinking about it we dont skype enough (07:38:35 PM) phm: maybe we should use teamspeak or something (08:32:18 PM) phm: If we were to delve into Euclid's proof more and more carefully, we would see (08:32:18 PM) phm: that it is composed of many, many small-almost infinitesimal steps. If all those steps were (08:32:18 PM) phm: written out line after line, the proof would appear incredibly complicated. To our minds it (08:32:18 PM) phm: is clearest when several steps are telescoped together, to form one single sentence. If we (08:32:19 PM) phm: tried to look at the proof in slow motion, we would begin to discern individual frames. In (08:32:19 PM) phm: other words, the dissection can go only so far, and then we hit the “atomic” nature of (08:32:21 PM) phm: reasoning processes. A proof can be broken down into a series of tiny but discontinuous (08:32:23 PM) phm: jumps which seem to flow smoothly when perceived from a higher vantage point. In (08:32:25 PM) phm: Chapter VIII, I will show one way of breaking the proof into atomic units, and you will (08:32:27 PM) phm: see how incredibly many steps are involved. Perhaps it should not surprise you, though. (08:32:29 PM) phm: The operations in Euclid's brain when he invented the proof must have involved millions (08:32:31 PM) phm: of neurons (nerve cells), many of which fired several hundred times in a single second. (08:32:33 PM) phm: The mere utterance of a sentence involves hundreds of thousands of neurons. If Euclid's (08:32:35 PM) phm: thoughts were that complicated, it makes sense for his proof to contain a huge number of (08:32:37 PM) phm: steps! (There may be little direct connection between the neural actions in his brain, and a (08:32:39 PM) phm: proof in our formal system, but the complexities of the two are comparable. It is as if (08:32:43 PM) phm: nature wants the complexity of the proof of the infinitude of primes to be conserved, even (08:32:45 PM) phm: when the systems involved are very different from each other.) (08:40:08 PM) phm: “Starseeds are individuals who feel excitement and longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. They experience the aloneness and separateness that is the human condition, but also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet. They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical. Starseeds are often most reluctant to become involved in the institutions of society, e.g. political, economic, health (08:40:08 PM) phm: care, etc. Even at an early age, they tend to discern the hidden agendas of such conventions with unusual clarity.” (09:37:49 PM) phm: (08:11:06 PM) phm: oh cool! (08:13:10 PM) phm: i get coffee. then try mumble. bbiab (08:13:34 PM) ***phm rolls ciggie (08:14:25 PM) phm: could it really be like irc but voice. that would be so cool (08:19:27 PM) phm: maybe tell ZS to use it too. if it's easier to install than qwaq (08:20:07 PM) phm: brb (08:45:18 PM) phm: i like, i think it;s in 'family guy', where peter discovers something new and cool and radical (like making his truck fly by fuling it with jet fuel) and he says 'could it really be this simple?' (08:45:45 PM) phm: people will say that of our community (08:46:04 PM) phm: but. what do we do differently? (08:46:14 PM) phm: is there really some 'secret sauce' ? (08:46:56 PM) phm: i'd just say 'be cool'. 'be nice and rational and no ego' (08:47:15 PM) phm: but then im writing a book on that (08:47:48 PM) phm: what do we do/know that they don't? (08:48:02 PM) phm: could they copy us and make it work? (08:48:05 PM) phm: im not sure (08:48:20 PM) phm: some could (08:49:23 PM) phm: do you have to have genius like gifts (08:49:41 PM) phm: are we super smart? or just lucky (08:49:51 PM) phm: just right place right time (08:50:44 PM) phm: why will we attract the best minds (08:51:20 PM) phm: how will we convince people that we're doing the right thing and that it's got a good chance of working (08:51:29 PM) phm: we will (08:51:57 PM) phm: but what is it about us, that makes us good at that? (08:52:22 PM) phm: just some secret magic (08:53:36 PM) phm: how did we avoid getting brainwashed and not questioning 'if it aint broke.. ' (08:54:19 PM) phm: why is that so rare (08:55:35 PM) phm: why can't everyone see simple radical solutions and have the confidence/arrogance to say 'why not? this should work. there is no reason we can't do this. never done before, but so what?' (08:56:20 PM) phm: most people seem to say 'it hasn't been done, so that must mean it's impossible' (08:57:37 PM) phm: and maybe the most important thing about 'be cool' is don't take yourself too seriously (08:57:49 PM) phm: amon doesn't have enough fun (08:58:09 PM) phm: he's all like 'this is serious!' (08:58:12 PM) phm: but it isn't (08:58:27 PM) phm: it's just a game. a play. a comedy (08:58:41 PM) phm: fun (08:58:53 PM) phm: why bother if you're not having fun (08:59:26 PM) phm: if you can't have fun changing the world… you won't do it (09:00:18 PM) phm: can't be motivated by pain (09:00:26 PM) phm: pain just makes you avoid things (09:01:31 PM) phm: can doing evil every be fun? (09:01:35 PM) phm: ever (09:02:23 PM) phm: i said once if making utopia turns out to be too hard I'll blow up the planet instead. cos that will be easy (09:02:25 PM) phm: and fun? (09:03:34 PM) phm: silly humans. if you can't get along I'll just drown you all (09:03:38 PM) phm: god did it (09:04:02 PM) phm: guess I should tell them to build a space ark first (09:05:02 PM) phm: probably a virus is better than a flood or bomb. dont wanna damage the planet (09:05:05 PM) phm: give it to dinosaurs (09:05:48 PM) phm: but maybe too much suffering if people don't all die at the same time (09:05:55 PM) phm: ah. grey goo (09:06:02 PM) phm: timer (09:06:15 PM) phm: yes (09:06:30 PM) phm: i will write a story where this happens (09:07:02 PM) phm: maybe ants will build spaceships (09:07:31 PM) phm: but actually what's stopping them? it's not like humans are in their way (09:08:23 PM) phm: bird could do it (09:08:28 PM) phm: birds (09:08:53 PM) phm: they can manipulate tools. and are in fact dinosaurs anyway (09:09:31 PM) phm: what would advanced bird society be like (09:09:35 PM) phm: and they can sing/talk (09:10:34 PM) phm: i read about these birds that got this gang and one of the member is like retarded but the other birds feed him (09:10:49 PM) phm: they don't have to (09:10:52 PM) phm: and they hate him (09:11:08 PM) phm: cos he's aggressive and sqwarks too much like in their grill (09:11:50 PM) phm: he doesn't eat as well as them (09:12:02 PM) phm: but still (09:12:13 PM) phm: they could easily kill him (09:13:10 PM) phm: if they had farms and nuclear and unlimited resources they would probably make his life really nice (09:13:23 PM) phm: and maybe he's good at chess (09:14:32 PM) phm: worm farms are pretty easy (09:14:48 PM) phm: and worms don't suffer like cows do (09:15:34 PM) phm: would birds fight wars? (09:16:16 PM) phm: i guess they would have to stop flying if their brains got bigger (09:16:47 PM) phm: but what would happen to their wings? (09:16:58 PM) phm: they wouldn't turn into hands (09:17:16 PM) phm: but maybe they'd still use them to drive and stuff (09:17:30 PM) phm: and operate computers (09:20:00 PM) phm: how do they mate? (09:20:08 PM) phm: i guess eggs have advantages too (09:20:48 PM) phm: males and females wouldn't have such different rolls (09:21:38 PM) phm: would they invent religion? probably (09:22:29 PM) phm: they might be better adapted for zero g too (09:24:12 PM) phm: (09:27:11 PM) phm: Russel Brand with Anonymous in London now. (09:27:12 PM) phm: cool (09:33:38 PM) phm: (09:33:40 PM) phm: they do? (09:38:39 PM) phm: (09:38:46 PM) phm: alcuin is testing that (09:38:48 PM) phm: hmmmmm (09:41:31 PM) phm: (09:45:02 PM) phm: China Creates World's Largest Ball Pit with One Million Balls (09:45:03 PM) phm: good to know (09:55:40 PM) phm: do i have time to read about 'How Minecraft Was Born' ? i guess not (10:05:38 PM) phm: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mumble/release (10:17:31 PM) phm: wow. mumble is very nice (10:17:33 PM) phm: slick (10:18:55 PM) phm: and encrypted? wow (10:33:42 PM) phm: Charles Eisenstein (10:33:42 PM) phm: I've published an important (to me) article in Kosmos Journal. It is part of a movement to bridge and ultimately unify two streams of activism: the politically grounded and the “spiritually” grounded. (10:33:48 PM) phm: wow (10:36:02 PM) phm: The next century could witness the rise of severe localized famines, leading to food riots, vulnerability to pandemics, and other problems. A leaked intergovernmental report suggests that famine is a likely scenario for the near future. (10:36:10 PM) phm: (10:40:58 PM) phm: a new dating site that asks users to trade “bribes” for dates, is borderline prostitution. But that won’t stop it from becoming popular. After all, the business model was designed that way. (10:41:43 PM) phm: Carrot Dating, the brainchild of MIT graduate Brandon Wade, allows users to “bribe” others for dates. The mechanics of Carrot Dating are simple. Log in and choose a potential date. Pick one of the twenty “bribes,” including dinner, flowers, a shopping spree and plastic surgery, then offer it to another user in exchange for a date. (10:41:45 PM) phm: WTF (10:41:47 PM) phm: this is evil (11:39:33 PM) phm: (12:05:33 AM) phm: (12:07:37 AM) phm: (01:57:18 AM) phm: (02:00:30 AM) phm: (02:26:02 AM) phm left the room (quit: “Leaving”). (05:39:56 AM) phm: i think im getting betta at meditating (05:40:01 AM) phm: which is good (05:41:50 AM) phm: cos now my brain can work harder (05:41:52 AM) phm: yes? (05:42:14 AM) phm: and i owe it all to you. good little neuron (05:42:43 AM) phm: although nobody said it would take practise. did you? maybe you did (05:42:51 AM) phm: dont give up! (05:43:23 AM) phm: it's like riding a bike. one second you're scared and think it's a crazy mode of transport. the next you're flying (05:43:29 AM) phm: without thinking (05:46:14 AM) phm: i was confused because you said 'when you have a thought, just drop it' so i was like 'oh no! another thought is here *panic* im doing it wrong, i must get rid of it, go away thought' (05:50:04 AM) phm: and i wouldn't call it meditating. it sounds too pretentious to tell people 'im meditating'. just call it relaxing? (05:53:45 AM) phm: the hacker hive is an invitation to all hackers at UC Berkeley to use hacking, in the spirit of the international communities known as hackerspaces, to both make new cooperative living communities and influence the existing Berkeley Student Cooperative. (05:53:45 AM) phm: if this idea appeals to you, please participate and get all your friends who you wish to live with to also participate. there is no chain of command. nothing will get done until someone decides to do it, so start doing! (05:53:45 AM) phm: love, dinosaur (05:53:50 AM) phm: dinosaur. cute (05:54:19 AM) phm: do we have agents in Berkeley? (05:54:40 AM) phm: track down this dino we must (05:54:57 AM) phm: this is how you hunt (05:55:16 AM) phm: now weve scratched the surface (05:56:14 AM) phm: (05:57:48 AM) phm: governance is an question open for public discussion. (05:57:48 AM) phm: hive proposals (05:57:48 AM) phm: proposals can be submitted to hives. (05:57:48 AM) phm: parties involved (05:57:48 AM) phm: all members of the hive (05:57:48 AM) phm: process involved (05:57:50 AM) phm: spectrum of possibilities: (05:57:52 AM) phm: consensus only (05:57:54 AM) phm: all but n consensus (05:57:56 AM) phm: percent agreement (05:57:58 AM) phm: supermajority in favor (05:58:00 AM) phm: majority in favor (05:58:02 AM) phm: largest minority (05:58:04 AM) phm: hive bank (05:58:06 AM) phm: the hive must keep inventory of its existing resources and accept incoming resources. (05:58:08 AM) phm: parties involved (05:58:10 AM) phm: hive bank admins hive members (05:58:12 AM) phm: error checking (05:58:16 AM) phm: all members of the hive can submit proposals to hive bank as a form of bug reporting (05:58:18 AM) phm: Last edited Wed Jan 9 02:27:48 2013 (05:58:20 AM) phm: meh (09:08:56 AM) phm: (11:43:59 AM) phm: *blinks* (11:44:14 AM) Spencer: G'morning!










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