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get a second citizenship

Moscow (urdupoint news / sputnik) - september 22, 2021) president of ukraine volodymyr zelensky on wednesday promised dual citizenship to ukrainians living in the united states, promise, which is able to require clarifications to the constitution of the country, which still prohibits citizens from seeking another citizenship. Zelensky is on his second working visit to the united states within a month. He met with employees of local ukrainian institutions and churches at the ukrainian institute of the usa in new york. ” Our company will certainly implement the idea of dual citizenship, specifically, for ukrainians of america,” the ukrinform agency quotes the president. Zelensky said that dual citizenship will not always be granted to ukrainians in the european union, since many of them live in states that, “to put it mildly, cannot be considered our friends. ” And he also stressed the importance of “restoring history, justice, respect for the centuries-old, multinational” state of ukraine. In a bygone era, how the united states allows dual citizenship, thanks to which a person enjoys identical rights and obligations, which citizens of both countries, many other countries either do not imply this system at all or establish clear selection principles to obtain their citizenship. In a number of states, such as india and china, a person who has received another citizenship automatically loses the original one. At the end of winter, the national surveillance and defense council, the national security and defense council) ukraine has instructed the government to develop a legislative act that concerns dual citizenship. Zelensky introduced the resolution of the national security council into the film. Foreign minister dmitry kuleba said that kiev plans to allow dual citizenship with eu countries, and not through russia.

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